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Plastics value chain restates its commitment to Circular Economy Package

The European plastics industries are reaffirming their support to the Circular Economy Package. The above organisations support this joint position on the Circular Economy Package:

  • Zero Plastics to landfill by 2025. This will ensure that plastic waste can be used as a resource and does not end up in the environment.

  • The 55% plastic packaging “preparing for re-use and recycling” target by 2025 is challenging but we are willing to continue to play our part and call the other relevant stakeholders to act too.

  • We call for the mandatory separate collection of all packaging from residual waste by 2025.

  • The Commission shall establish a uniform methodology for the calculation of the targets of “preparing for re-use and recycling” and the measurement point for recycling performance. Uniformity will set a level-playing-field for all actors on the market and enable an accurate overview of Member States’ performance as well as meaningful comparisons.

  • EU-wide quality standards for plastic waste and its treatment should be developed, including specifications for sorted waste, harmonization of test methods for recycled plastic materials and certification of plastic recycling operations.

  • Innovation in technologies throughout the whole plastics value chain should be enhanced in order to increase its potential.


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