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EuPC creates new independent association: Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe (VFSE)

The European Plastics Converters recently created the independent VFSE association, whose mission is to represent the interest of European suppliers of plastics sheets, films and foils. To this aim, VFSE will drive common action tackling environment and recycling issues and carry out studies relating to the industry.

"The sector group aims to deepen collaboration of vinyl films and sheet manufacturres in Europe," Roberto Bozzi, Vulcaflex and VFSE President points out, "Raising the visibility of the economic and practical value of vinyl films and sheets is a further purpose of our formation".

During its first meeting in November 2016, Roberto Bozzi, Vulcaflex was elected President and Michel Py, Cifra elected Vice-President. Additional Board members are José Texeira (TMG), Emanuel Legrand (Griffine), Joao Ronchel (Draka Polymer Films) and Marino Uberti (Alfatherm), all representing key European industry manufacturers.

The Viny Films and Sheets Europe Association is open to all companies active in the vinyl films and sheets business in Europe. It closely collaborates with Vinyl Plus, the sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry.

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