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EuPC launches European survey on the use of recycled plastics materials

In the light of the latest developments in the field of the EU circular economy and the approaching European strategy on plastics, the European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) has launched a European survey on the current and future use of recycled plastics materials (RPM) in Europe’s plastics converting industry.

The importance of recycling was also addressed during the two-day conference A circular future with plastics, that EuPC organised together with the Spanish Plastics Association (ANAIP) earlier this June. The potential of the plastics converting industry is essential if we want to reach the ambitious recycling targets, especially as converting companies form by far the biggest part of the European plastics industry.

Plastics Converters are the heart of the plastics industry.” (Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director-General of DG Environment of the European Commission)

The survey is part of a larger initiative of EuPC to get deeper insights into the challenges the converting industry is facing regarding the use of RPM. Further surveys are expected to follow in 2018. EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis said about this survey’s goal:

Our survey on the use of RPM in the plastics converting industry will enable EuPC to identify the difficulties we are facing as an industry and help to find solutions for the future." (Alexandre Dangis, EuPC Managing Director)

The survey is open to all European companies active in the plastics converting industry and is available online in eight languages. It will remain accessible until the end of September and EuPC plans to publish the results during October 2017.

Click your language to participate: English - Polish - Italian - Turkish - Spanish - German - French - Bulgarian.

For more information contact Felix Miessen at

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