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European Plastics Converters (EuPC) welcomes the EU Plastics Strategy

European Plastics Converters (EuPC) welcomes the European Commission’s publication of the “European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy”. EuPC fully supports the vision to create a more prosperous, sustainable and circular plastics economy in Europe.

The strategy focusses on 4 key measures to initiate a more sustainable production, use and disposal of plastics: the improvement of the economics and quality of plastics recycling, the reduction of plastics waste and littering, the increase of innovation and investment, and the efforts to create global action. Concrete measures are announced to reach the ambitious goal that by 2030, 100% of plastics packaging put on the market will be either reusable or recyclable in a cost-effective manner.

“To support the transition towards a sustainable and circular plastics economy, EuPC has developed an ambitious framework of voluntary commitments. Together with 5 other organisations from the plastics value chain, we commit to reach 70% recycling and reuse of plastic packaging as well as 50% recycling and reuse of plastics waste in general.”

Alexandre Dangis, EuPC Managing Director

Real industrial transformation can only be achieved through joint action by all stakeholders from the entire plastics value chain and with the support of authorities and consumers alike. Better waste collection, sorting and treatment is crucial to improve the quality of recycled plastics materials (rPM) and to boost the uptake of rPM by converters. A better waste management, the elimination of the landfilling of plastics waste and educated consumers are the most important factors to reduce littering and environmental pollution.

In particular, EuPC appreciates the recognition of the added value of plastics in the strategy and the need to rethink certain aspects from a broader point view, where all actors have a role to play in shaping the vision. The reference of value chain cooperation and the role of the industry in tackling voluntarily some issues is welcome and EuPC and its members have accepted their responsibility through the approval of the framework of voluntary commitments.

The framework of voluntary commitments of the European plastics industry is available on

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