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Erasmus+ Project UPSKILL Successfully Launched

European Plastics Converters (EuPC) is proud to announce that it is taking a part in the project “UPSKILL - Actions Upward: The Skills for the Digital Future of Plastics Factories”. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania (LINPRA).

A rapid development of the technology is affecting many routine jobs. Just automation, enabled by information technologies, is transforming the traditional manufacturing processes, pushing IT knowledge and digital skills as essential skills for the working force. Hence, many companies in the plastic industry have problems to recruit workers that already have acquired these knowledge and skills. One of identified problems is a shortage of plastic machine operators with an appropriate level of digital skills.

The UPSKILL project will address this problem by designing and implementing an innovative vocational training programme for plastic machine operators with specific emphasis on digital skills.

The UPSKILL consortium is comprised out of nine organisations from France, Finland, Belgium and Lithuania and all partners will work diligently to successfully implement this 24-month long project. The consortium is a balanced combination of European and national plastic associations and vocational training centres, sharing the same goal – to equip the workers in our industry with essential digital skills.

The main aim of the project is to combine European professional learning systems with labour market needs by creating, piloting and implementing innovative educational content for plastic products machine operators.

The project will:

  • Relate the content of professional education to the needs of labour markets,

  • Improve the competences of plastic products machine operators and vocational education teachers,

  • Create an e-learning system for plastic products machine operators.

A kick-off meeting for the project was held on the 20th of November in Vilnius, Lithuania. The meeting was hosted by the project coordinator – LINPRA. During the meeting, the project partners presented their institutions and main activities on the project. EuPC will be in charge of the dissemination and exploitation activities, which include creating a strategic plan for the project communication, launching the project website, organising the final conference in Brussels, etc.

Consortium Partners

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