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European Food Contact Plastics Seminar 2023 - Last chance to Register !

Only one week to go - Register now!

Polymer Comply Europe (PCE) is pleased to announce its upcoming European Food Contact Plastics Seminar, organised on behalf of European Plastics Converters (EuPC).

The seminar will take place on 15 June 2023 in the Martin's Brussels EU Hotel and will focus on how to ensure the sustainability of food contact plastic materials and articles, whilst maintaining their safety for consumers. This seminar will identify the key challenges and opportunities for the food and drink industry, such as how it can contribute to the EU sustainability objectives and meet their legal obligations in terms of consumer safety. The discussion will gather experts from the industry, research institutes, European and national authorities.

Draft agenda

Meet the Speakers

Alejandro Rodarte, FoodDrinkEurope

Alejandro Rodarte is Senior Food Policy Manager at FoodDrinkEurope, which represents the European food and drink manufacturers. He is a Food Chemist from Mexico City's National University and studied International Agricultural Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin. What in his words, ‘has greatly contributed to have a holistic approach to the agri-food supply chain and food systems’. Since 2007 he has worked in food quality and safety in various roles from researcher to scientific manager in EU funded projects, both in Berlin and in Rome. From the research and development sector, Alejandro joined the Brussels world of regulatory affairs in 2017 representing the savoury snacks and later the horticultural sector. At FoodDrinkEurope, he covers since 2019 the areas of Food Contact Materials, Contaminants, Process Contaminants, and Novel Foods; helping to achieve an adequate regulatory environment where food businesses can operate and thrive. He is a passionate biker and supporter of sustainable mobility, loves to learn languages, and of course, all things food related.

Dario Dainelli, Food Contact Regulatory Experts Panel

Dario Dainelli graduated in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Pisa where he spent two years as an associate research fellow at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. In 1990, he joined M&G Polymers, as a Process Engineer for the development of improved melt strength PET grades for injection blow moulding and foaming applications. In 1991, he joined W.C. Grace where he supervised the central EU R&D laboratories. In 1997, Grace Packaging Division merged with Sealed Air, where he took on the position of Director of Regulatory Affairs EMEA Region. Since 2017 Dario Dainelli has established an independent consulting company (Dario Dainelli SPRL- Policy & Regulatory Affairs) providing services to clients in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Region, as well as global companies. Dario has a thorough knowledge of polymer science and materials science, global food and food packaging legislation and regulatory standards, technologies and design of food contact plastic products, advocacy policies, as well as quality and hygiene management.

Franky Wylin, Plastics Europe

Franky Wylin graduated as chemical engineer in 1985.

​Started working as a technical manager at ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries), Polymer Additives Group. Responsible for technical service and research in the field of additives mainly for polyolefins.

​Moved on in 2002 to what is today called TotalEnergies. Had several rolls at Total, starting as technical manager and later as process technology manager, both in the elastomers business. Became regulatory manager for Total Petrochemicals in 2007, being responsible for different product safety related legislations such as food contact and Reach. ​

​Joined Plastics Europe at the end of 2018 as regulatory manager for the Styrenics Chain.

John Sewell, Chemical Recycling Europe

John Sewell is an international business developer with much experience in the chemical and associated industries. A chemical engineer by education, he has worked most of his career on market-facing activities based in the US and Europe. John has been Secretary General of Chemical Recycling Europe since October 2021.

Mathilde Taveau, Plastics Recyclers Europe

Mathilde Taveau holds a Master in Chemical Engineering specialised in Materials and Processes, her graduation research on the development of PP recyclates from old household appliances led her to the plastic recycling world. After working as a Plastics engineer at WEEE recycling facility, she is now focused on the chemicals and food contact legislation as well as on R&D projects at Plastics Recyclers Europe. Her commitment goes towards finding solutions for plastics end of life and the path to valorise those into a new life. Continuously adapting and innovating to overcome challenges are the key facets of her job, in this constantly growing recycling field.

Nicolas Robin,Plastics Europe

Nicolas Robin has been involved in French and European politics – both as an actor, and also as an observer of the often complicated and Byzantine world of how Brussels functions for 30 years. He has a track record of successfully shaping public policy at the EU and national levels on energy, environment, and reputation issues. ​ Prior to his role in PlasticsEurope, Nicolas worked as in-house PA director for leading glass packaging company, general secretary for electronic and payment system trade associations and manager of Brussels based PA consulting firms.

Olivier Van Volden, essenscia PolyMatters

Five years ago, after a broad experience in various fields, Olivier Van Volden joined the Belgian Federation for Chemicals, Life Sciences and Polymers in the Polymer and Plastics Department, essenscia PolyMatters. He is responsible for packaging, contact sensitive plastic applications and their circular economy.

​His experience shows that he has a thorough knowledge of large, medium and small companies, from a practical to a high-level conceptual point of view. With a PhD in polymers and physical chemistry, he easily integrates into the environment, understanding the material, the processes, the physics and the chemistry behind it. His conceptual approach bridges the gap between regulatory challenges and scientific realities.


Martin's Brussels EU Hotel - Bd Charlemagne 80, 1000 Brussels

Registration is required, please book your ticket here.

Do not miss the European Food Contact Plastics Seminar 2023.

We look forward to your participation.


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