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Quality & performances of recycled polymers in Europe rise while availability decreases


EuPC publishes the first results of its 3rd survey on the use of recycled polymers by plastics converting companies in Europe. In the survey, that was conducted from September to December 2019 by Polymer Comply Europe on behalf of EuPC, an increase in the performances of all reviewed recycled polymers can be observed compared to 2018 and 2017. At the same time, the participating companies stated that the quantitative supply situation for 8 of the 10 reviewed recycled polymers has become worse. Only PS und PET show a positive evaluation in both fields.

Despite an increase in the performance compared to the previous edition, the first results of the 3rd EuPC survey clearly indicate that the main barriers to a larger use of recycled polymers stay the same. Especially the insufficient reproducibility of properties from lot to lot, and visual aspect of products made from recycled polymers are problems for plastics converters serving the market specifications of customers and brands.

Of the 28% of the participants that are currently not using recycled polymers, 65% cannot use them because the specifications of their products do not allow the use, and 41% state that regulatory requirements and feedstock insecurities prevent them from using recycled polymers. This is largely the case for food contact applications and well as products manufactured for healthcare and medical purposes.

The full report on the results of the 3rd survey on the use of recycled polymers by plastics converters in Europe will be published at the beginning of March. Interested parties can register free of charge on the website of Polymer Comply Europe to receive access to the full report as soon as it is published.

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